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Author: KJ

30 Mar Metro Summit: Be the Change

As a leader in the Sacramento area I constantly encourage young professionals in the Sacramento region to recognize their full potential. This year, I spoke on a panel with fellow NELP Alumni. Additionally the KJ 2 team were in charge of production. Thanks for having us...

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30 Mar Vox Pro USA

Vox Pro was founded in Ireland and is known to be changing the work environment and providing services for other clients. My team and I were honored to be in charge of creating the Vox Pro USA Promotional Video. We had a great time working...

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20 Jan Center of Praise

One of our most recent projects is for the Center of Praise in Sacramento. Yesterday Rinna and myself created a stop motion piece with legos to create the actual building of the Center of Praise. Stay tuned to see the final product! ...

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15 Jan Russian American Media

There are over one million Russians in the California region, and we're glad to be working with a proud media company to represent them! Thank you Sergey for stopping by the office today and we look forward to building projects and our partnerships with your...

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12 Jan Blanket Marketing Group

We have collaborated with Michael Broughton and Blanket Marketing Group on various occasions. Today Philippe took staff photos for the Blanket Marketing Group's website. Good work Philippe and it was great working with you and your staff Michael Broughton! ...

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