KJ2 Productions | Mayoral Candidate: Darrell Steinberg
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Mayoral Candidate: Darrell Steinberg

20 Jan Mayoral Candidate: Darrell Steinberg

As many people know, KJ 2 Productions is very involved within the Sacramento community. With that being said, we were honored to shoot the up and coming mayoral candidate Darrel Steinberg. Thank you to one of our photographers, Darin Bradford for your creative efforts in the shoot. Keep your eyes out for the publication on Sacramento News & Review! 12400623_10209144197427951_3660005323063746473_n 12418114_10209144197907963_4859650718367083221_n 12509552_10209144197627956_4138616524705087838_n 12573960_10209144197187945_4542730610822109355_n

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