KJ2 Productions | Sean Stueve
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Sean Stueve

In 2010 Sean decided to produce, direct, shoot and edit his own short film, Three Words for Dacia, which debuted at A Place Called Sacramento film festival and took every award that was offered that year. The next year he directed The Breakup for the same festival which took home the Audience Choice Award. In 2011 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which pushed him to go back to school to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Digital Film and Video Production, where he finished his third film Missed Prayers. That film was shown at the Sacramento Film and Music Festival and was selected for the Durango Independent Film Festival. Later in 2014 he directed a micro film called Satan Must be our Cousin which was shown at The Sanford Meisner Film Festival.  After recently graduating from film school he’s back to playing multiple roles on Execution Order: Zero One, where he is a producer, and the director of photography.